In celebration of our 250th Anniversary, we offer a History Minute each Sunday during our worship service. Click on a link below to read a transcript of each History Minute, and be sure to visit us every Sunday at New Jerusalem to experience our parish's history in person!



12/27/15 On the Threshold: One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church

12/13/15 Viola Tobler on The New Tower Windows

11/22/15 Dr. William Wade and Our 185th Anniversary Celebration

11/15/15 Sunday School at New Jerusalem

11/8/15 The Creation of The United Lutheran Church in America

11/1/15 New Jerusalem Becomes Altar-Centered: The 1932 Rededication

10/25/15 1765 Elector's Bible

10/11/15 The Formation of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland and Virginia

10/04/15 Our Gold Star Soldier Found

9/27/15 Celebrating our 200th Anniversary

9/20/15 Ladies Aid Society

9/13/15 John Herman Froehlich

9/6/15 New Jerusalem's Venture Into "American Lutheranism"

8/30/15 Mark and Kate Rodeffer

8/23/15 The Tobler Ministry: Through The Great Depression and World War II

8/9/15 St. Paul's-Between-the-Hills: Our First Daughter Church

7/26/15 Reverend Daniel Hauer Rebuilds the Congregation

7/19/15 Women's Missionary Society of NJLC

7/12/15 Reverend David Frederick Schaeffer

7/5/15 "Birthright Americans": Our Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots

6/28/15 Lutherans and the AME Church: The Story of Daniel Alexander Payne

6/21/15 Our Mother Church Gets a Constitution

6/14/15 Gold Star Flag — Flag Day

6/7/15 Pastor Michael W. Kretsinger

5/17/15 A Trip to Gettysburg

5/5/15 Dedication of the Rebuilt Stone Church

4/26/15 John Martin Sackman and the Language Controversy

4/19/15 The Story of Zion

4/12/15 X. J. Richardson and the End of the Civil War

4/5/15 The Cross on the Tower

3/29/15 — The Old Stone Church

3/22/15 — March 25, 1786: Our First Church Constitution

3/15/15 — The Story of Bethel

3/8/15 Reverend John George Graeber

3/1/15 H.B. Funk and the Ornamental Ceiling

2/15/15 Reverend Charles Frederick Wildbahn

2/8/15 — Early New Jerusalem Confirmation Records Discovered

2/1/15 Reverend John Andrew Krug

01/25/15 The Story of Our Hymnals

01/18/15 — The River Cross

01/11/15 — Reverend Johann Samuel Schwerdtfeger

01/04/15 New Jerusalem's Organs

12/28/14 — German Christmas Traditions

12/21/14 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

12/14/14 — The German Palantine Emegration

12/7/14 The First Lutherans in North America

11/30/14 Introduction to the History Minutes